Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Dusty is home after his hard day at the Vet. Dusty lost his testicles today. His overly aggressive behavior was their down- fall. He was fine when we left the Vet's office. There were other dogs in the outer office and he was raring to see them. Since getting home, however, he has become rather lethargic. He staggers around and sleeps.

Here he is curled up in the chair. The missing articles no longer get in his way. He raises his eyes if you call his name. that's the best he can do, for now.

Tammy thought he might be cold as a side effect of the anesthesia and pain killers. She covered him up in the chair. Talk about a spoiled pooch.

I told Kyle (son) and Caleb (daughter's bf) that I wanted the removed testicles in a jar, so whenever they give me grief, I can shake the jar to remind them about what happened to the last guy that ticked me off.

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