Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Grandkid Anniversary

I am not sure which anniversary the fifth one is, exactly. You know, there is the golden anniversary, the diamond anniversary, the paper anniversary, the china anniversary, and all the other ones. I did check and the fifth anniversary is the wood anniversary, according to one site.

According to Wikipedia, the first anniversary is traditionally paper and modernly clocks. Hmmm, I am thinking with lots of first year couples it is divorce papers or the little clock attached to the bomb under the car, LOL.

Accordingly, the second year anniversary for the survivors is traditionally cotton and modernly china. Yeah, nothing says the honeymoon is over quite like the gift of a new cotton flannel nightgown.

Again, according to Wikipedia, the third anniversary gifts are leather traditionally and glass modernly. I am quite sure I didn’t give TJ anything leather for our anniversary, although, there are several interesting leather things around the house. Somewhere, there is even a leather rose.

Now, the fourth year anniversary gifts are linens or silk traditionally and appliances modernly. I have bought TJ several silk things. I don’t recall if one of them was for our anniversary last year, but it is possible.

This brings us to the anniversary of today, numero cinco. It is, as I said the wood anniversary. Modernly it is the silverware anniversary. We haven’t bought anything for this anniversary as of yet. However, this afternoon, my daughters are getting together to celebrate my youngest daughters 21st birthday (yesterday) and it appears it is going to be a libationary one. My oldest, (the one that remembered to call me on my birthday one week ago,) asked me if we could watch her children. That would be three precious angels, (sometimes equally referred to as demons.) we agreed. Then, Tammy’s oldest asked if we could watch her 15 month old angel/demon while she tried to catch up on some rest. Of course we agreed.

So, it appears that the fifth wedding anniversary is going to be the grandkid anniversary. Or, as I like to call it, grandpa locked in his room while grandma pulls out her hair. Oh, the fun we will have.

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Debbie said...

Well, happy anniversary. You know, I did give my husband a clock for our first anniversary. It is on our mantle right now - 22 years later. Sometimes it gets a little draggy and needs a good talking to - kinda like me!