Thursday, October 02, 2008

If the world didn’t stop

I knew the world would stop
When you stopped being in it
It was as if you were the reason it turned
Even though I knew this wasn’t true

You stopped and it continued
I stayed in it continuing as well
The part of me that belonged to you
Still ties our worlds together

Here in expanding life
There in the finished life
We are bound forever
By this cord we wove in life

As I walk and sometimes run
Life is full and yet missing a part
That part, however, is never far
I feel you with me everyday

In nearly fifty years
I never fully considered
What life would be like
Without you where you were

There is no phone I can use
There is no quick drive
There is no email return
None of these bring you to me

There is one place I can go
One place where I always find you
It is the one place
Where I miss you the most

In my heart
You are there
One of the places
Your world kept turning

This is the place you had in life
That was covered by your presence
The overlooked, taken for granted place
That never stopped when life did

Every story adds to you
Every old friend I talk with
In our common circle
Brings more of you to my heart

Over a year and a half
And you are more today
Than you were then
Less than you will be tomorrow

I love you dad
More than ever


Ron Simpson, Jr.
October 2, 2008

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