Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hero or Villian

On my way from robbing a bank I rescue a young child from death by snatching him from in front of a bus, risking my own life. Am I a bank robber or a hero? Does the fact that I am a hero take away from the fact that I am a bank robber? Does the fact that I am a bank robber make my actions any less heroic?

Have I lost my mind, you ask.

Actually, I have been watching political ads, especially those centered around two candidates running for senator here in Kentucky. The two candidates have been tossing barbs back and forth for months. Recent polls have indicated that the race have become much closer. To this end, several other groups have entered the fray with ads of their own, including the democratic party and republican party. Now, this is not to say these are the only groups putting out ads. The muckraking and mudslinging has reached epic proportions. They seem to think that pointing out a negative in one of the candidates past erases any good either has done. I believe that both candidates have done great things for other people. It is as if we can only remember one aspect of any candidate.

One voted for a medicare increase while voting against a bill that would provide funds for child care. Another voted to improve health care while voting against a defense appropriation. One was a partner in a venture that was sued for mistreatment of veterans in a medical care facility. The other lined his pockets with money from oil lobbyists. Then they both deny all the allegations and point the finger at the other.

Some are hailing me as a hero. Others are trying to vilify me as a bank robber. Is it ever as black and white as we want others to see while our own lives are shaded in gray? The bank was a front for a drug cartel and the kid was a drug runner. So, now, am I a hero or a villain?

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