Thursday, October 09, 2008


Dusty is better. He is less lethargic. He is much more Dusty. He has, however, started checking out his 'area'.

It is interesting, in that the Vet made an incision in the shaft, ahead of the testicles, and removed them, leaving the sack. Kyle was looking at it. It looked like he still had something back there. I told him that the Vet left the sack for Dusty, just in case he was going to the store to get doggie biscuits, he would have a little sack to carry them in. All he needs is a zipper put in and he can use it like we do a fanny pack. I can see it now, Dusty keeps all his important papers (I don't know what papers are important to dogs,) and loose items in.

Anyway, he is better. we will begin re-introducing him and Rocky this evening and tomorrow. We will see if this 'attitude adjustment' surgery worked.

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