Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Splashing in the shallow waters of the psyche was safe enough.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," I heard the voices say.

The flapping of the curtain was drawing my attention. I could see a hint of the wonders that lay behind it. The colors seemed so much more brilliant than those around me. The sparkle was so alluring. Behind the curtain, yawned the mouth of the cavern to my soul. The colors flashing deep inside were hypnotic. Like a moth to the flame, I made my way to the lights.

I walked through the mouth of the cave, in spite of the warnings. The waters grew deeper as I moved forward. Deeper and darker they became, the more I traveled toward the glowing lights. As the lights became brighter, the water became darker. In the shallow of the clearing, the water was light and the colors dim. Here, the contrast was stark. The lows were lower. The highs were higher. My steps were heavier, but the air was lighter. I forced my eyes to open as wide as possible to capture the brilliance of the light.

Looking over my shoulder at the mundaneness of the shallow, I wondered why anyone would want to stay there.

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