Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Say it aint so

Oh my gosh.

Big boobed animal rights activist Pamela Anderson is boycotting the Kentucky Derby. Yum Brands is sponsoring the Derby. Yum brands owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and a couple other fast food places.

Apparently, the thought of the cruelty to the horses and the cruelty to the chickens is just more than she can take. She says that she may never come back to Kentucky at all. Anderson asked KY governor Fletcher to remove a bust of Colonel Sanders from the Capitol last month. He refused said request.

I am thinking we should just closed the doors to the state and all move out. Can you smell the sarcasm?

I am all for the ethical treatment of animals, but I also know the first recorded animal kill by some being other than another animal took place in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit and hid their nakedness with fig leaves, God slew an animal and gave them the skins for clothing.

From the beginning, animals were intended for the food and needs of mankind. They were created to serve mankind. Before internal combustion engines and Massey Ferguson farm tractors with CD players and air conditioning, farmers plowed their fields with oxen. We have created other methods for farming, but we have never created anything to replace eating.

I recall an incident that happened to Tammy when she went to the pet store to get a feeder mouse for our python. The clerk was all aghast about the idea of feeding one animal to another. tammy told her she needed to rethink that hamburger she had for lunch and the leather shoes she was wearing.

Ms. Anderson and her PETA friends can stay home on Derby day, and they can avoid the eleven herbs and spices, and other meats. As for me, I will go if I can get in. I will eat KFC or Lee's famous recipe. I will enjoy my tacos and pizza. I will do so with a clear conscience.

Run, horses, run

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