Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another crunch time

Tomorrow is another observation day for me. My resource teacher is coming in the morning to observe and grade my teaching. It is the least stressful of the nine required observations. My resource teacher has to observe me three times. My principal has to observe me three times. A college professor in education has to observe me three times.

The first three are already past. They were all stressful, as I had no clue what to expect. The Principal observations are always a little stressful. She is my immediate boss. She will still be here after my resource teacher and the college professor are gone. The college professor observations are tough because he has such high expectations.

The final three observations will be tough because they will be the tale. They will tell if I am learning this craft or not. So, this one is the lowest of the stressful deeds. That doesn't mean it is without stress. TJ tells me I am a perfectionist. I was here last night working on my portfolio until after 5. I hated that. I have my little flash memory, so I can take stuff home to work on.

That is only slightly better.

It is still work, but TJ can slide a hug and kiss in from time to time.

The day has been an okay day. I have been preparing the students for the observation. You know, the no sleeping, no cussing, speech.

This afternoon I was a sub for the Health Sciences class. I worked with the carpentry and welding students at the same time with SkillsUSA memberships and competitions. So, it has been a full day. There is still much to do.

The work day is growing and trying to consume my whole day. I have the whip and chair, trying to push it back. I believe I have stopped it's forward progress, but it is gnawing on the leg of the chair and, if I am not mistaken, it seems to like the whip.

It looks like no slowing in sight.

I was outside for a bit today when the photographer from the newspaper came to take our pics. It was snowing. Milkmaid (blogger from Texas) was commenting on the weather. It seems that winter has retreated in Texas. I commented that I loved winter and was looking forward to more snow. Well, while outside looking for suitable shot locations, it was snowing. Ain't that great? It can come a foot and I will still love it.

I hope to be back later.

Maybe, we will catch you up on the growth of the python ... Or the cat ... Or the other dog (a shitting little mini-dachshund that is annoying ... But loved by TJ) ... Or the kids ...

Until then, y'all have fun.

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