Monday, February 13, 2006

What a weekend !

OK ... It has been a weekend.

Without going into details, Chris is out of jail and Tammy can sleep better. I am sure she will fill in the blanks when she feels up to blogging. I will include some details of the 'feeling better' part.

Friday, we went to court and the judge released Chris ROR as long as he stays in Nicholasville. If john shows up there (the Victim's Advocacy has to tell him that Chris is in Nicholasville,) then it is plainly harassment.

Friday night, I took the kids to Mom and Dad's house for a bit while Tammy and I went out to eat. I know the kids can stay at home on their own. Chella is 15 and Kyle is 10, so it isn't an issue, but Tammy wanted a 'no worry' night. If the kids are at home, there is always the chance they will be outside and the 'victim' down the road might begin his harassment. This way, there was no chance of that.

Tammy and I went to Friend's & Co. For a nice sit down supper. We had a great time. We visited with some old friends. We ran into some distant family. We ate slow and talked. From there we went to Todd's Karaoke. We parked in front and never made it out of the truck. It was still early for karaoke, so there was no need to rush in there, and before we decided to go in, we decided to leave. We picked up the kids and came home. It was a good night.

Saturday, started good. Our real estate agent called to see if she could push our morning appt back to 11. That was fine. The kids were going with us. I went outside to start the truck and warm it up. As I opened my door, snow fell into the truck. I brushed it out and realized this was great packing snow. So, while the truck warmed and everyone got ready, I made a few snowballs and stockpiled them in the truck. When Tammy and the kids came out, the snowballs started flying. They thought I had lost my mind.

We went to Mt Sterling to take some measurements of the house. We met and talked with the neighbors. It seems the neighborhood is relatively quiet. Mostly older folks, she said. Quiet we can deal with. Tammy has chosen the house as the one, but knows it might not work out, so she is optimistically cautious.

From there we made it back, through the snow, to Lexington, where we made preparations for the class and party that evening. We (being mostly Tammy) make the party trays and bring the drinks and utensils. Tammy made her spinach dip (which was delicious.)

The class was good and the party was as well. Our mortgage broker was there. We had a chance to talk to him. He is awaiting some papers from us and he is ready to write the letter to the RE agent saying we are already approved.

We left early and got home around 11:30pm.

I think we drifted off to sleep around 2am. Tammy fell asleep on my chest.

Sunday was good as well. We just puttered around the early part. Then at 2pm, we started heading to Fayette Mall for the 'audition'. I was auditioning to sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' for one of the Lexington Legends Baseball games. I was plenty nervous.

I finally, (after an hour of hearing the song sang) got to the stage to do my version. I could hear the wavering in my voice. Tammy said she didn't notice it. After I finished, the girl running the sound board complimented me on it, the guy doing the intros complimented me, and several around the stage.

In front of the stage about 100 feet away was a coffee kiosk. Tammy wanted coffee (surprise). As we made our was past the crowd that was there to watch, several people stopped me to compliment me on the singing. Even at the coffee shop, people we talking to me about it. I think that is a good sign. We will see. The Legend's told me they would call or write me.

Then it was off to Nicholasville to see Chris and take him some supplies.

From there, it was back to Lexington. Tammy was asking what I might want for supper, since she forgot to lay anything out. I decided to celebrate the audition and took everyone out to eat. We ate at Cheddar's, one of our favorite restaurants. The food was great. The atmosphere was relaxed. A great experience.

Then to the house, and settle in.

The rest of the evening was mostly without incident.

Oh yeah, Tammy's not feeling well thing ... She started running a fever again this weekend. She isn't feeling great. Still yet, it was a wonderful "just before Valentine's Day" weekend.


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