Friday, February 03, 2006

Whewwwwww !!

Observation # 2 in Cycle #2 is completed.

My Principal sat in on my last class. We talked about conduit bodies and junction boxes and how to figure the fill capacity for each and how to determine the necessary size. (No ... I have not forgotten my promise when I started this job just over a year ago ... I will not go into the details of the lesson on here.) She was late coming for the observation. There was a smoking incident that occurred just prior to the beginning of the class. She was, however, able to do one hour of observation. I can breath now ... Until next Tuesday, when Dr Davis will be here from EKU to observe me.

This week is almost over. It has been and continues to be hectic. Those of you that know the family and the ongoing situation know where that comes from. (ending a sentence with a preposition .. I know .. Just aint in the mood to fix it.) you may refer to for more details, if you choose.

This will be a working type weekend for me. I, also, will be going out Saturday morning to look at houses in Winchester. We were to look at several last night. The first had mold issues and with two in the house allergic to mold, it was a quick 'no'. The second and third had contracts that were just written on them in the two days since I checked last. That was a bummer. Ricka (RE Agent and friend) came to the house and we looked up more houses online. We found 9 that fit our parameters. She met Malcolm, Lacy, Dude, and Ava. She shocked herself by actually touching Ava (3 feet ball python).

I, also, have to work on my portfolio for my internship this weekend. Fun, fun.

Anyway ... Tonight might be Karaoke ... Tomorrow night is definite karaoke.

Warming up my pipes here. La la la la la la la la ... Can you hear me running the scale? Or is that ruining the scale?

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