Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vindicated !!

Some of my regular blog readers will remember the "Christmas Perfected" post, where I described the perfect Christmas gift. It was a gift so simple, yet so encompassing, that it was the perfect gift for all ages, for male or female, for straight or gay, for tall or short, for pudgy or skinny, for rich or poor, for everyone. This perfect gift, so often overlooked when Christmas shopping, was none other than a pair of socks. You may refer to the original post. Go ahead, I'll wait.

OK, welcome back.

When I told the family about the perfect gift, they scoffed at my idea. They laughed at it. They dared call it (and I) ridiculous.

Yet, each one of them, at some point between that post and Christmas came to me and asked that one of their gifts might be, you guessed it, SOCKS.

Tammy wanted slipper socks. Chella wanted toe socks (you know, the ones with toes like a glove has fingers). Kyle wanted regular tube socks. Chris wanted warm socks.

I am vindicated.

My true genius is shining through. A genius is someone that can take a complex issue and see it in such a way that the answer is simple. This simple answer sometimes confuses those less than geniuses around him. They often scoff at his ideas as lunacy. They make fun of him. They tease him. Eventually, however, they come around. The simplicity of the answer begins to worm its way into their slow to receive minds. Then, suddenly, like a light going on, they see.

The complex problem : Christmas gifts
The simple answer : Socks

Vin-duh-cation !!

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