Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Catch up

It has been a while since I blogged, so there has to be some catch up.

Monday was a work day. We had a long long staff meeting. Then the principal took us out to lunch. When we got back to the school, it was just a short while until the beginning of the Advisory Committee meeting. That took til the end of the day. Pete (upstairs) got a job and needed a ride to work at 10:30 PM. We dropped him off and then went to Fayette Mall to pick up Angie (upstairs) from work. We got home around 11:45.

I didn't work at all Tuesday. I took some comp time and missed a day. We spent the day running errands. We paid taxes and got license plates. We had to take Chris to his new job to fill out paper work. Tammy had to go to Nicholasville to get Heather and take her to work. We got Pete a bus schedule so we do not have to go out and take him to work.

I told Tammy she needs to learn to say one simple word ... "No"

There are people out there with genuine needs and no way to go that just have to have the help, but some folks will never try to make their own way as long as someone is there top do it for them. When it came down to having to ride the bus, Pete found a ride. When our taxi service stopped, he found a way. The same is true of many folks. Not that they are users, but if you are always there to do for someone, they will never learn their own way.

That is part of being a good parent. You have to let your kids grow up and learn to do things for themselves. I remember an incident that happened when I was 17. I had a '67 Mustang (it was '75). I had a little trouble with the front end and took it to a garage. They told me it was the ball joints and fixed it for me for $60. Dad told me, when he got home from work that I could have fixed that myself (I have several times since then) and saved about $30. I told Dad to let me make my own mistakes. I appreciated all his help, but it was time to let me learn my own way. My immediately older sister was somewhat sickly and Mom and Dad doted over her. To this day she calls them for the slightest problem. She is 51 and still can't take care of herself with any assurance. She has to check it out with Dad to be sure it is right. I didn't want to be like that.

Anyway ... We stayed busy Tuesday as well.

Today, I went to work. I tried to get some things done, but there was a problem with the line between Frankfort and Clark County. There was no internet or email. My computer (State) has to have me signed into the email system in order for it to get past the sign in screen. With that not being possible, nothing else worked. So, there was not much work done. Well, not much on the computer.

There ya go. Now you are caught up.

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TammyJ said...

Hey honey.. there is great news... Tonight when you get home.. I am not letting the school have you back for at least 4 days.. Miss you baby.. can't wait for you to get home..