Friday, December 09, 2005


Yesterday's Chinese blog said:

The snow is on the way. So says the weatherman. We are expecting up to four inches of that sweet white powdery stuff. I love snow, I love it on the trees and the yard. I love it in the fields and covering houses. It just needs to stay off the roads that I need to travel on.

However, the big predicted snow never showed up. It did snow a little, which was enough to throw the city into white powder panic. To really screw up traffic in Lexington, just add water, in any form, rain, snow, sleet, ice, or even fog.

Last night, we went out to return movies (gotta avoid those late fees) and the roads were not bad at all. People were still in a panic, but it was easily passable. There is school nearly everywhere in KY. There are a few counties that have called off school.

EC has called off school. Clark County has not. I will have students.
The fun is beginning.

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