Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's a fat one

I read this report online and couldn't resist adding my comments to it.

MINNEAPOLIS - Schools that run bake sales and let teachers reward students with candy risk having more overweight pupils, a study in Minneapolis suggests.

Suggests ?? Have we become so politically correct that we can only suggest that eating baked sweets and candy causes obesity in children? Come on, you know it is true. Eating sweets and candy adds to obesity. DonÂ’t be afraid to say so.

That offers some vindication to the schools across the country that have cracked down on cupcakes and cookies on campus.

As if we need vindication. Kids, left to themselves, will not eat correctly. This is just the way it is with kids. Let to their own devices, they will screw it up most of the time. I know, I know, your kids would never do that, I am talking about my lids.

Lead author Martha Kubik, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, acknowledged her research doesn't prove that such food practices contribute to adolescent obesity, but there does seem to be a connection.

Seems to be a connection ?? did we just fall off the turnip truck or what ?

"I think we all have to step back and look at what we're doing to contribute to practices that might not support children developing healthy dietary behavior," she said.

Her study's results make sense to Kevin Miller, principal of Fair Haven Middle School, which banned bake sales and went junk food-free as part of a districtwide program in the New Haven, Conn. Miller doesn't allow vending machines, and his cafeteria promotes healthy food.

Kids are actually eating apples and oranges instead of throwing them away. And because there aren't any candy wrappers around, he said, "our hallways are impeccable."

Can we say, Duh !?!?

I know that we need to tiptoe around everyone in the world so we donÂ’t damage the fragile psyche of kids now days. We need to encourage them. I agree with all that, but too much is too much.

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