Friday, December 16, 2005


ok ... Sorry to keep ya waiting ...
The assessment of Cycle One is completed. In my internship, there are three cycles. In each cycle, I am to be observed by another teacher, my principal, and the professor from EKU, Dr. D. Yesterday, Dr D observed me teaching. We had a meeting with the two of the three (my teacher observer had a class to teach at EKU and couldn't make it) to discuss my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths were good and weaknesses were just a few. This is a good thing. Assessments are one of 4 choices. N/A for 'not applicable', 1 for not 'progressing toward the standard', 2 for 'progressing toward the standard with room for improvement', and 3 for 'meets the standard'.
Most of my marks were 2's with one 3 and one 1. The single one was only because I did not provide enough evidence of one of the standards in my portfolio. Principal K says it was a good first assessment. There were no overriding concerns. They felt I was on track. I am doing the happy dance.

Today is the final day of school before Christmas break, and half of my classes are taking finals. I am looking forward to a slow day with little drama (at least at school).

We did a staff Christmas lunch thing yesterday with so much left over that I don't need to bring or get lunch out today. I thought I would take off on Monday to finish a few things and start a few things, but I remember, I have an advisory committee meeting on Monday (sorry, babe).

Still ... It is FRIDAY ! ! ! !


TammyJ said...

Oh well .. sux about Monday.. but there is the weekend.. and hmmm what about Tuesday.. the kids will be in school.. and well shopping doesn't take all day.. You, Me .. waterbed.. sounds like a plan to me.. I love you..

Ron said...

hee hee .. already told them I probably wouldnt be here