Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nerve raking number 2

Just take a rake and run it across my nerves.

Today, my principal sat in on one of my classes. She chose my 4th block class. My 4th block class s one of the most chaotic classes. The students from GRC (which now number 2 with recent drop outs) are in there for about 40 minutes when the students from ECHS (which now number 3 with recent drop outs) arrive. There is a moment of pandemonium as the two classes merge into one. The girls from ECHS have to say their hello's to the boys from GRC. This take a few minutes and is not so much different form the regular class changes, except that it happens in the middle of one of the classes. GRC students in 4th block are here from 11:55 til 1:33. The ECHS students are here from 12:35 til 2:20.

I have to spilt my lesson. Ideally, I would continue the lesson after the break when GRC leaves, and teach the GRC students what the ECHS students learned after they left, the next day before they arrived. That is what should happen, ideally. Since when do things go as they ideally should. The girls from ECHS are distracted after break/and or the learn at a faster pace than the guys at GRC. Well, either they learn faster or get bored faster. Both are a possibility.

The guys from GRC are not hurting, as they both have averages in the low 90% range. The girls from ECHS aren't hurting as they all have averages in the upper high 80% range (85% to 87%). Either way it goes, both are learning.

Well, anyway, back to the Principal being in my class. This class has not one, not two, but three students with hyperactivity issues. They feed off one another as well. So, if one goes outside the box, the other take it a step further, and then another step further. It can be quiet comical at times, and to the casual observer, seem to be chaos. It really isn't. I have to let them vent it from time to time to allow them to focus back on the lesson at hand, otherwise, they would explode, or amuse themselves and lose everything I say.

I haven't heard from Ms B. What she thought of the class. One student was literally bouncing in her seat (not real noticeable) to keep from bursting out talking. One student was doing his best to stay awake, with the help of one of the girls poking him to alert him. The most ADHD one of the bunch did well. He will raise his hand and start talking about the same time. If it pertains to the lesson at hand, we discuss. If it doesn't, I either answer his query in short form or tell him we will go into that in more detail later. If I tell him we are not discussing that now, he will keep it in his mind and lose focus on what we are doing.

These are not book taught responses. These are actual trial and error responses. I have tried other methods. These are the ones that currently work. I am open to suggestions at any time.

I am now calmer. I know I can teach. I know I can reach the kids. The important thing is that I do it to the most effective level I can. I have told my Principal that I appreciate her advice. I appreciate the advice of anyone that wants to help me be a better teacher.

I have one more observation/evaluation to go. It will be by Dr. Davis, next week. He is a EKU professor and former teacher. Keep yer fingers crossed for me.

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