Friday, December 02, 2005


Let the fraternization begin.

One of my students has invited me to go to a place close to his farm for a pool tournament and to sing karaoke tonight. It is a restaurant as well as a bar, therefore, the kids can come. The pool tables and bar are in the back. We will be in the restaurant portion of the establishment.

Tammy wasn't too thrilled about the pool playing part (nor am I), but loves the karaoke part. I have nothing against pool playing except that I am not good at it. It is ok as a fun game, but I would never presume to compete. That would be a waste of my time and anyone else in the contest. My brother in law (an excellent shooter) says I am a slop shooter. My balls fall in by luck in a pocket completely across the table from where I am shooting.

We will see how this goes this evening. It will be a good opportunity to talk to this students parents. His dad is close friends with the owner. K is a good kid. He has a lot on his plate. He works the farm before coming to school and is also a volunteer firefighter. He has a high "B" in my class. This morning he was tired, after rescuing a calf before coming to school. The calf was stranded in a lake.
I'll keep ya posted.

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