Thursday, November 10, 2005

Backing a winner

I remember the hoopla some months back when Arnold Scharzeneggar won the office of governor of California. He was the Republican Party's golden boy. Every Republican was glad to mention Arnold. The same when GWB won (barely) the election. Republicans everywhere were just fawning all over themselves.

Just a few days ago, Arnold's initiatives failed in the California special elections. His ideas, (according to Republicans), were ideas with narrow appeal, further damaged by a flat-footed campaign and an unpopular messenger, the governor himself. The feeding frenzy has turned, with his own party leading the fray.

With GWB's rapidly declining popularity, I wonder how long before other running Republicans will begin to distance themselves from him ?
Nothing like being fickle to endear the public to your cause.

I remember an old saying that sums it up.
"Some of my friends are for it, some of my friends are against it. I stand with my friends."

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