Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh yeah, the more ...

The mercury spill student update is here.

CO claimed that he stole a mercury thermometer from the health services classroom while we were there in class.

There are only a couple problems with his story.

There are no mercury thermometers in the vocational school. They were all removed (officially) a couple years ago. They were donated to India. (True story ... I couldn't make that up.)

Also, The students that saw what he had, claimed that it was about 4 inches long, brown and/or red, and the size of a pencil. That doesn't sound like any thermometer I have ever seen.

Then, there is the amount of the spill. According to, a spill of the amount of a thermometer or less does not require the EPA's involvement. Spills of an amount more than a thermometer require you to isolate the area and call the EPA, local, or state health agency.

Regardless, CO is now suspended. When I asked his friends how long his suspension was, they replied that the school told him they would call him when he was allowed to return.
That's the news that is the news about a mercury spill in Clark County.

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