Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quiet weekend

It has been a quiet weekend, for a change.

We stayed in Friday night after long days for both of us. We engaged in some fun Saturday afternoon. That is always good for smiles all day. It was hilarious, in that, Tammy said we couldn't because the kids were up and about. I told her we could and showed her.

Saturday night, we went to karaoke and see some friends that were celebrating an early anniversary. We sang one song, drank one drink, wished everyone well, and left after an hour.

Today (Sunday) has been a slow one. It is a good weekend. There has been no drama, well, no new drama anyway.

I like weekends that can be described in a few lines and not include words like: police, arrest, trouble, yelling, neighbors, Jordan and Sierra (even tho there was a little bubble there this weekend .. It isn't worth mentioning), or crying.

We will see what a new week at school brings ...

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