Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Isle of the King

We spent the day at Kings Island Amusement park. Tammy says she hurts in all new places. The only thing not hurting is her hurt wrist. Kyle and Chella had a great time. Tammy finally rode roller coasters and now loves them. Chelsea rode them for the first time she remembers it and loves them too. Kyle rode them and loves them as well. So, it was a 'fall in love with coasters' day.

The Chris news is weird. The detective called us on Friday to tell us that John was pressing charges. He would have to arrest Chris. We told him that Chris got off work around 6 and we would like to feed him before he is taken to jail. He told us to call him when we had done that. He further told us that he might not be able to pick Chris up until Saturday (which was fine with us.) Well, Saturday came and Saturday went with no call and no arrest. Today came and went (so far) with no call or arrest. Detective Wilson also told us that he would do all in his power to get the bond reduced from $7500 full cash to $750 full cash. We have arranged for that to be paid (if it ever becomes necessary.) We did find a witness. A little old lady down the street was talking to Pete and told him she say the entire incident. She recounted it to him just as Chris called it. He was trying to walk away when John attacked him. We will see what will be.

Other than that, we are all tuckered. You'll forgive me if I don't run on at the fingers. Have a good night all.

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