Monday, November 21, 2005


I am wounded.

While replacing a tape measure on our rack for them, one pinched the flat of my middle finger on my right hand. It took a little while, but it finally decided to bleed. I wiped it with a rag and went to the first aid kit. There were no antiseptic wipes left in it, so I went to the office to get one. It was bleeding slightly. I don't know why, but when I touched that antiseptic alcohol wipe to it, it began to bleed much more. I know that the alcohol would thin the blood on the surface, but this seemed to signal something in the cut that it needed to bleed a lot. I put a bandaid on it and went to the restroom. I touched the back of the toilet and left a blood print where my finger was. It was bleeding thru the bandaid in just seconds.

I got more bandaids and went back to my room. I cleaned it again, this time with water, and put another bandaid on. It is still bleeding thru. I don't know if it is just cheap bandaids or perhaps I have opened a direct line to my heart via my middle finger. I mean, many people use their middle finger to express their attitudes, but I never conceived that the heart and middle finger were directly connected.

Hold on .. Replacing the bandaid again ..

OK, I think the bleeding has stopped. For such a small wound, it certainly wanted to make a bold statement.

It is time to be on to much more pleasurable pursuits. I need to get into these sammiches that my honey fixed for me. MMMM MMM MMMMMM

She takes such good care of me. She knows that I will love her regardless of whether she fixes my lunch or if I fix my lunch. She just loves taking care of me and I am not going to take that away from her. I love the smile she gets from doing something for me. Yes, I am spoiled, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She is a modern woman with feminist ideals, but she still holds to some good old fashion values as well. She is my sweet enigma.

There is a line in a song that says it so well.

"I treat her like she is mine to lose."

And she is ... And I do ...

I love ya, TJ ... and stop worrying. The bleeding has stopped completely.

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