Sunday, November 20, 2005

I cannot tell you how it feels to be beside you

I can tell you about the softness of your skin.
I can describe the texture.
I can express the heat that lives with in it.
I can tell you of the sweet savor.
I can extol all the physical attributes of being with you.

However, in any words, I cannot tell you how it feels.
I cannot put in writing the love.
I cannot imprison the joy, within the words at my disposal.
I cannot corral the feelings on paper.

Words fail to explain the comfort,
that comes when you slip your hand into mine.

The rainbow strives in vain, to contain,
the colors of your sweet kisses.

The chorus of your voice,
plays a symphony in my ears.

Sensations assail,
My senses swim within.
Words fail,
language no longer my friend.
Plans derail,
forgotten beneath our love.

I cannot tell you how it feels,
to be beside you.

Ron Simpson, Jr.
November 20, 2005

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