Thursday, November 17, 2005

Reduction !!

Yippeeeee !!

Chris's bail was reduced to $750 full cash.

The prosecution, while claiming to have witnesses to corroborate the 'victims' story, was unable to produce said witnesses for court. Also, reversing her last ruling, the Judge agreed to allow Chris to be at our house. He is under our supervision. This means he will be in at a certain hour. He will not be roaming the streets. He will not be walking to the store. He will go to work or to Becca's house and that is about it. He will not be in the vicinity of the 'victims' house. He is also subject to random drug testing. I don't understand that part, as his offense has nothing to do with drugs of any kind, but, hey, he will be home instead of in a cage. He will be going back to work, as we are his ride both ways.

If he can't live with those guidelines, (I resist calling them rules cuz so many people have problems with that word.) then he will be back in the cage. It isn't being mean or cruel. It is just the facts. He needs the clean nose award for the next few months.

Other than that, my day has (so far) been uneventful. However, this is a High School and uneventful can change at a moments notice.

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