Thursday, September 25, 2008

Without You

As much as I love the glistening of the sun
Brightly in the sky or on the ground
The sun shines it best when it dances lightly
Across the softness of your skin
Or through the fineness of your hair
I love the sunshine more because it shines on you

As much as I love the gentleness of the summer rain
The beating sound hitting the roof or the warm sting against my skin
The rain is at its finest when its symphony plays
Against the suppleness of your flesh
Or runs down the laughing lines of your face
I love the rain more because it cascades down on you

As much as I love the sticky wetness of a winter snow
I love it more when you dance through it
As much as I love the sparkle of the stars
I love them more when they are reflected in your eyes
As much as I adore a warm caress
I adore it all the more when your hand caresses

Take away any of these and I will survive
Take away all of them and I will miss them greatly
But as long as I have you I will still go on

Take you away …
And the sun needs not shine
The rains need not fall
The stars do not need to sparkle
The snow need not fall
There is no warmth in any caress

Without you,
All of these lose some part of their splendor
Without you,
All of these are less
Without you

Ron Simpson, Jr.
September 24, 2008

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