Thursday, September 04, 2008

poste el número dos

Here is number two .. A dear friend just found out her and hubby were disqualified to adopt based on the length of their marriage. This was over 6 months into the process after many tests, a ton of paperwork, and some considerable expense. She said, and I quote, "I feel as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest, and the baby ripped out of my arms, before I even met her." I wrote this for them .. We love you Red and Steve ..

What my heart doesn’t know

My heart knows
The touch of love
It has been familiar with it my entire life
My heart knows
The feeling of loving
It fills and flows with each friend I gain
My heart knows
The warmth of friendship
Every friend adding to the fervent heat
My heart knows
The joy of caring
From both sides of that wonderful fence
My heart knows
The ecstasy of trust
It is all consuming to possess it
My heart knows
The feel of genuine
Far different from the tinny sound of fake
My heart knows
The capacity of fullness
It has felt that fullness time and time again
My heart knows
The sorrow of breaking
It is just a fact of life that it will happen
My heart knows
Some of these daily
Some of these occasionally
And some of these too often

What my heart doesn’t know
Is how to put all of those
Into different neat little categories
What my heart doesn’t know
Is how to feel one
And not to feel them all
What my heart doesn’t know
Is how not to let the sorrow of breaking
Mix in with the joy of caring
What my heart doesn’t know
Is how to stop feeling
When the feeling isn’t what I wanted
What my heart doesn’t know
Is how I will survive
The next break, and the next, and the next
As it is a fact of life, it will happen

What my heart doesn’t know
Is from where the strength will come
To face all my tomorrows

What my heart knows
Is that it will come
And we will stand
And face all our tomorrows

Ron Simpson Jr.
September 3, 2008

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Retro Girl said...

We love you. I will save this forever. Your love, friendship and support really helps...even across the miles. *hugs*

Someday you and Tammy are gonna be an Uncle & Aunt again...and meeting our little bundle of joy...we're not sure when it will be, but we're staying in faith and turning it over to Him. Please keep us in your prayers. We'll do the same for you guys, always.