Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Audrey and the spider named Wilson

Audrey had her partial hystorectomy. They did leave her ovaries. The surgery was done by a robot controlled by her doctor. Audrey said it looked like a spider. Her nurses said it was named Wilson, hence, a spider named Wilson. It was cool. They made 5 small incisions and that was it.

Tammy and I spent the night at the hospital. The staff there brought me a chair that unfolds out to a bed. Still, it wasn't my waterbed. Add to that, that the staff came in about every hour to do something, take something, check something, and it was a restless night. We left this morning. She was doing better and Adam (hubby) was on his way there.

This pic is her, post surgery.

They say she will go home this afternoon, if she pees on her own and gets up and moves around. Amazing!

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audrey said...

just in case i havent told u lately..i love you daddy and want to thank u and tammy for being there for me...i dont think i could have made it through that first night without u..so thank u..and tell tammy her being there meant the world to me..love u guys