Wednesday, September 10, 2008

less ouch !! not completely though !

Wednesday is here. My head has relented in it's passionate pursuit of throbbing incessantly.

Yesterday, I took a few doses of a cold & sinus ibuprofen. No, Kroger, we did not use them for the manufacture of illegal drugs. Last night, my head fooled me. It wasn't hurting hardly at all. I decided to take a dose before going to bed. That, apparently, was all it took to wake the sleeping throb. Shortly after taking it, my head began to pound. Go figure?

Today has been better. I did take it early this morning. The pressure has been much better. I can still tell that it is there but not like before. I feel positively human.

I have been working on other writing projects while confined to not bending, stooping, turning, running, walking, breathing .. or so it seems. I have been trying to organize things, or at least figure out how Vista organizes thing, on this new computer. I have used Vista before on the computers at EKU, but that was limited usage. (Perhaps this is a partial contributor to the pain in my brain.)

Now .. to just organize the things on the desk .. and then the room .. and then the house .. and then the garage .. and then ... WAIT ! I need to stop that before this organizational thing gets completely out of control. Every life needs a little clutter, a little chaos, a little out of place-ness, dont you think so ?

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