Monday, September 08, 2008


The weekend is over.

It was a busy and painful one. Saturday morning, we went to grandson Christopher's baseball game. There are pics of him at bat and in the outfield on my Flickr. That link is other there on the right. When we were leaving, grandson Kody expressed interest in going home with us. We asked mom and dad and it was a go .. until we got to the truck. Once he was in the TB. he changed his mind. Chella started him back to the grandstands. When Tammy arrived with Cloe walking all the way (she was behind because those little 14 month old legs don't take steps as big as us Grups [old Star Trek reference .. bonus points if you know the episode]) she had granddaughter Kyleigh with her. It seems Kyleigh wanted to stay at Papaw and Tammy's house overnight. She and Chella got in the third seat and giggled as we drove home (Kyleigh - 6, Chella 17.)

Since we didn't have clothes for the overnight stay and the next day church activities, we stopped at the Rescue Mission to buy some clothes for her. For $4 plus tax, Tammy got her a leather skirt, a top, a princess dress, a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, and a shirt for Kyle, and three novels. Then it was on to Mt Sterling. we dropped Cloe off and the fun began.

Once we got home, Kyleigh met the BOYS. Samsom was his usual cordial self. polite and non-intrusive. The other two were still in their kennels. (They like to destroy things when left to their own devices .. a combination of curiosity and stupidity.) Lacy was loose and made a fool of herself, barking at Kyleigh. Regardless, it did scare Kyleigh. Then, when the boys got out, Dusty, in his exuberance at seeing a new person, jumped on her, nearly knocking her down and scratching her arm. She was terrified and ready to go home. We called the kids to see what arrangements to make if that did become a necessity. Audrey was in Lexington, shopping at the Fayette Mall with Kaye and Chasity. Apparently, none of them had cell phones with them. We finally got hold of Adam and decided to see if she would stay before either of us trekked out.

She calmed down. she made friends (eventually) with Rocky. Dusty still terrified her. Dusty stayed downstairs and she stayed upstairs. that worked for the most part. Tammy took her with her to do a little more thrift store shopping. She got more princess clothes and a pair of shoes. She was making out like a clothes bandit with Papaw and Tammy.

Then, she had to go to the bathroom. She just couldn't use our bathroom because there were faces on the walls. Tammy collects (among other things) Mardi Gras masks. She wanted to go home so she could go to the bathroom. Tammy took her into the bathroom, showed her the harmlessness of the masks, and all was good again. She would stay, until the next crisis.

About 10ish or so, Kyleigh decided, whle on the phone telling her mom good night that she needed to go home. Dusty had scared her again. She liked all the dogs except the 'bad' one. We explained top her that none of the dogs were 'bad,' Dusty was just excited. I am not one of those 'find an excuse for every behavior' type people, but this was the case here. We talked her into staying. She went to our bed, laid down, and promptly fell asleep.

The night was non-eventful.

I woke up the next morning around 7 as usual. Since Kyleigh was asleep, Dusty slept in our room as usuaul. I was at the desk, checking email, when I heard a noise behind me. Kyleigh had gotten up shortly after I did and was in the chair behine me. Dusty was almost in her lap. She was telling him to get down. She wasnt terrified. She was firm. She was fine with him after she figured out she could boss him around. Typical woman, eh?

We were getting dressed for church, when Tammy got a bit ill, and I had the beginnings of a headache. We decided to forgo church and take Kyleigh home. Kyleigh cried because she did not want to go home. Crimeny. First crying to go home and now crying to go home. I rmember why I like having children in their twenties.

Anyway, we took her home. She was fine. She told her mom and dad that she had fun and wanted to live with me. That was priceless. We took Sam with us on the trip. He loves to ride. Kyleigh wanted to keep him. Kody wanted to keep him. Adam wanted to keep him. Audrey wanted to NOT keep him. Sam left with us.
We went from there to see Chasity, Chris, Ian, and Abby. There are pics of Abby from this visit on my Flickr. Again, the link is over there ~~~~>

What was hillarious, was ... Chris was cutting Ian's hair. He had a spray bottle. Chasity sprayed the mist towrds Sam. He tried to catch it. She adjusted to spray from mist to stream. As she squirted Sam, he lapped the water in the air. VIDEO over there ~~~>

When we left there, my headache had just begun to really throb. By the time we got to Mt Sterling, it was hurting so much that my vision was affected. It feels like a sinus thing. It took Ibuprofen and retied to bed for the most part. I was up and down with it. It would go down in intensity but was still always there. It was there at 11 .. took Ibuprofen. I slept off and on. When I was up this morning at 6ish it was throbbing again. I took Ibuprofen at 7. It went away as far as the apin was concerned, but I could still feel it there. You know, it was like I knew my head was there. I always know my head is there, even if I dont alway suse it, but this was there other knowing it was there. Knowing it was there because ti didnt feel just right. It is noon plus now, and the throbbing is there. Not as painful, but throbbing right between my eyes and just over.

We are going out later and will get some cold and sinus headache stuff, we will see if that will fix it. Right now, it is mostly ok, except if i lean back in my chair and lean my head back, it begins to hurt in the center, at the hair line. OK .. not going to do that again .. OUCH !

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Mine was great. I got to see all my kids except Chris.

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