Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Strange Questions .. or .. Helping educate the next generation

Last night, we were watching some TV, when a commercial for Dairy Queen came on. it was one where the red lips (spokesman/Spokeslips ? for DQ) was talking about gravy and biscuits. Then he (assuming this because of the voice .. not a gender bias that all free roaming lips must be male,) is drenched with gravy. After licking it all off, he yells, "Is that all you got?" and is doused again. Tammy commented that it looked good. We had to be out and about today a little early. I suggested that we get biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Tammy accepted my suggestion and approved the message. (Sarcastic political humor here.)

This morning we venture out. We have the Chella with us. (I'll update that situation later.) I didn't feel in the DQ mood this morning. I had already decided on a different course. I drove away from the house in a direction opposite the DQ direction. Tammy chimed in that she didn't care one way or the other if I didn't want to go to DQ. I told her I had decided to do the Cracker Barrel instead. She was enthusiastically for that.

As we were chowing down on delicious gravy and biscuits, and sausage for Tammy and I, eggs and bacon for the Chella, Chella made a comment/question about rocking chairs. She queried as to why old folks (I didn't ask her definition of old .. after all, she is only 17 .. definitions of old are decidedly age specific,) liked to sit in rocking chairs. I was aghast. How could a bright young girl not be clued in to the wonders of the rocking chair? How could she not be aware of the magical portal that accompanies rocking chairs? How, in her nearly 18 years, had these things escaped her education?

I explained to her the mythical ways of the rocking chair. I told her how troubles vanish and cares fade in the gentle rocking of these thrones of stress-less-ness. When you sit in a rocking chair, and begin to move it back and forward, the goodness of the world is magnified and the badness in minimized. One is magically transported to a time when peace ruled the planets. Somewhere out there is a chaotic, turbulent, tumultuous, existence. however, here in the arms of the Rocker, serenity reigns.

As we finished our meal and began to leave, we passed a couple of rockers set up on either side of a barrel sporting a checkers board. I had Chella sit in the rocker. I began to rock her gently. i asked her how that felt. "Like being back in my mothers womb," she replied.

She went on outside while I paid the check. When I got outside, I found Chella, in a rocker on the outside. We have a new convert. I am just doing my part to educate the youth of today. As we left our small town and ventured into the big city, Chella laid down in the TB and slept peacefully. The serenity of the rocker still clung to her. She slept in peace ..

Why indeed !

Kyle asked, a couple days ago, what was the name for the highest number? What was it called?

Where do these kids get this stuff? I told Kyle, there is no highest number. If you were able to count to the highest number, when you got there, and boldly proclaimed that you had reached that pinnacle, someone nearby (and there is always someone like this nearby,) would say, "and one." The counting would begin anew with each new level receiving a new name, "and one."

I trust this helps in educating your youth !

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