Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Number 771

According to Blogspot, this is my seven hundred seventy-first post on this blog.

That isn't that much compared to some of the bloggers I read, and a lot compared to others. It made me think about the ones we celebrate, posts, not bloggers. We set thresholds in our minds in most things we do. We decide that making it to certain birthdays are more monumental than others. Anniversaries, marriage or others, are the the same way. It is just something we get from growing up, I suppose. we see others doing the same thing and figure it is the way to do it. I am not saying it is wrong or right. It is just an observation.

It made me think, as I was opening my dashboard to sign on to post. I really didn't have a great deal to post about. The week finish and the weekend were mostly pleasant and non-eventful. There were no catastrophes. There were no train wrecks of emotion. There were no heart wrenching moments. It was a pleasant nondescript weekend. Don't get me wrong, there were moments.

My daughter called me and told me her son had a spot on stomach that the doctors suspected was the flesh eating, antibiotic resistant, staff infection. There had been several cases of it, it seems, in her town. That could have been a moment, but she hadn't gotten him in to see the doctor yet. So, worrying about it was moot. Not to say, there wasn't concern and prayer. There was. She called after the doctor visit to say they confirmed it was not the staff infection. It was more likely eczema, which she (his mom, my daughter) has had since she was a child.

There were storm/wind concerns on Sunday. The winds from Ike were here and unusually high. In some areas, the winds were gusting over 60 miles per hour. There were trees down on power lines and cars all over. However, we had no damage. We just had some pleasant gusty weather. Nothing catastrophic at all.

So here were were, four days since our last post, a non-eventful weekend behind us, a seeming smooth week ahead of us, and post number seven hundred, seventy-one.

Just last October, I turned 50. It was one of those celebratory birthdays. It was one of those monuments we build in our heads. It was 'The BIG 5-0'. Not to be confused with the 'BIG 4-9'. Just doesn't have the same ring, does it? The thing is, with out the big 4-9, there would be no big 5-0.

Without these non-eventful weekends, we would never arrive at the monuments of our self chosen hallmarks in life. The weekend just past, uneventful and nondescript, was just as important in getting me to my next BIG life event, as all those drama filled, event crammed, exploding, weekends and week days that we report all about. I don't remember what post 750 was about. I can't recall what post 500 was about. I am sure that post 1000 (should I live that long) will be something amazing, but here we are, at post 771. It is just a placeholder. It is easy to overlook. BUT, without it, 1000 wouldn't be 1000.

Every day, filled or boring, brought me to today. Everyone of them important in the real grand scheme of things. I just remembered the premise to the movie, "Click" starring Adam Sandler. If you haven't seen it or heard of it, it goes like this. A man is given a remote that controls his life. He can fast forward through some parts to get to the good parts. According to the movie, the remote learns his choices and begins moving him through his life from plateau to plateau. He hits only the high spots. He misses so much. He learns this just as his life ends. I will purposely leave it at that as I do not want to spoil the ending.

It is a good comedic commentary on how we, so many of us, view life as one mountaintop to the next mountaintop. So, here is to post 771, and 643, and 437, and 14. I don't know what they were all about, but I do know they got me here.

What post are you on today?

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