Saturday, September 27, 2008

Roughing it

yeah, we were roughing it.

Yesterday, Tammy went to take Kyle to a dance at the middle school. On an unbelievable note, it was $4 for a 1.5 hour dance. She took the Duster (boxer) with her. On the return the to house trip, Dusty it seems, pulled the phone wire feeding the house out of the old style connection box. we were without phones (house) or (GASP) DSL. that's right, no Internet!!!

Backing up a bit: Tammy was going to take the Crown Vic, but I locked it when I parked it. she didn't tell me that the keys that came with the car (we bought it about a week ago) did not unlock the doors. Hence, don't lock the car. Our friend,Jesse, was coming to go to the car auction with us. (I know, we have five cars here and we are going to a car auction?) He brought his 'kit' for people who lock themselves out of their cars. This kit has slim jims, and other apparatus for breaking into cars. It even had an instruction manual, showing the best way to break into each of the various models of cars. Of course, the one car not in the manual .. the Ford Crown Victoria (figures.)

After no luck with any of the supplied tools, I used the cars antenna and a coat hanger to push the unlock button on the door panel. It only took us thirty minutes to break into our own car. I don't see a career in hot cars in my future.

We went to the auction. We saw a few things we might have bid on, but we were here as observers only, this trip. It isn't that we need any more cars, even tho we do have two of the five for sale. It is the kids that are usually looking for cars. Chella has a potential buyer for her mustang and wants to find something a little newer (Mustang is '91.) Sierra is always borrowing our cars to run her errands. She needs to find something that is mechanically sound enough to not nickle and dime her, but won't go on long trips. Then, Tammy is already looking at selling the Vic, (since we got it so cheap,) and buying 'up.'

We got back from the auction before 9. It was early. We had no internet. SIGH! No email. No web surfing. No Pogo. No blogs to read.

Fortunately, we still had satellite. We watched the presidential debate (most of it.) Then settled in to watch a movie or so. Chella got home around 11. She was excited about her new phone. (Oh yeah, hers broke, and her loaner was acting up.) Jesse is also our phone connection. He works for AT&T Wireless.

AT&T got here this morning, replaced the old school connection box with a new updated version, drove a ground rod, fixed the wire from the pole, showed me where to hook up any new lines I may want to add later, played with the dogs, and restored our connection to the outside world.

The 'roughing it' is over.

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