Friday, September 05, 2008

It's just a haircut .. right ?

There is a scariness that is my hair. It threatens to take over the world. For all my "I'll scratch myself where ever I want where ever I am" manliness, I am quite picky about my hair. Most guys will stop on the fly and grab a cheap haircut. While, I am all about the cheap, it is not to the point of sacrificing my hair to the cheap gods.

The girl that cut my hair when I was in my 40's swore I was not losing my hair. I was gaining hair. She said it was the thickest, fasting growing hair she had ever cut. Finding the right barber was essential. You just cant turn an amateur loose with this monster.

A year or so ago, my regular hair cutter (I don't think she likes to be considered a barber) went AWOL. She disappeared. My hair was in one of it's regular dominance moods and needed to be tamed. We were at Walmart when I decided enough was enough. I marched it into the stylist center there and put it in the hands of a complete stranger (well, I assume she was complete. I didn't do any inventory.)

When I left there I had three choices. 1.) I could shave my head and start over. 2.) I could hold my head at a weird angle all the time to try to make the haircut look slightly more normal. 3) I could put up with this lopsided deranged cut until it grew out enough to try to fix. (There are no pictures of this time as I shunned the paparazzi during this sad time.)

Tammy ran into Raymi (My God sent scissor cutting hair stylist) at a store and found out that she was back at the old salon where she had cut my hair several times before. Joyous days had returned. When I went in to see her, she was aghast. She wanted to find the wench that did this to me and punch her in the nose. she worked diligently with her scissors and managed to fix most of the damage. The lopsidedness of the cut was extreme. A couple more cuts and I was fixed. Life was riding on the good train once more.

Fast forward to a month ago approximately. It was haircut time again. I called the salon to schedule a time when Raymi could do her magic once again. The news was catastrophic. Raymi had disappeared. Her cell phone was off. No one knew where to find her. What would I do?

My nephew and his wife own the Planet Salon and Spa (2 locations in Lexington) and will give me free or reduced haircuts. That is great and I do appreciate it. However, Lexington is a 70 mile round trip or $15 in gas and about 90 minutes travel time. Raymi was $1.60 in gas and 10 minutes drive time.

A month or better passes. there is no word. The search parties and dogs have had no luck (kidding.) Yesterday, I decided I had to take the plunge and try a new stylist. As i sat down in the chair, I told the young lady that Raymi usually cuts my hair. she told me the Rayme was back. (Oh Happy Day .. I could hear a chorale begin to sing.) She was going to be there the next day from 1 until 7. I, very politely, excused myself from her chair. (Tammy says, Yes, I was polite as I was running for the door.) I apologized for any self esteem issues this might bring up. I told them I would be back tomorrow.

Today at 1, I will got to the salon and get a Raymi scissor cut.

The before mentioned, unruly, dominating, unrelenting hair is pictured below. It doesnt usually look that messy. That was this morning first thing out of the bed.

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Retro Girl said...

Your hair is your crowning glory...You silver fox you! lol. I totally's so hard to give up someone who knows your hair so's just never the same when you lose your fave Hairstylist. (in my case, Mom...then it took YEARS to find the perfect person in Lex..and what do I do? Move away! lol).

The cut looks awesome! Just one question...what color will it be this halloween? Green? Red? Purple? lol. We want pictures!!!

Gawd we miss you two! Hug the stuffin' outta each other...for me!