Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Climbing out of the toilet

I looked better when I got home yesterday. Tammy told me I did.

She was concerned last night, though. She was lying beside me (a delicious feeling, by the way,) when she announced that I was 'hot'. I told her thanks. She was ready to smack me, even though she didn't. My fever was back up. I still felt better and declined any medical assistance.

I felt better this morning. My co-workers agreed. I looked much better. I have 'color' today. Apparently, ghost white pale is not a good look for me. (Remind me never to come back as a ghost and haunt ya.)

The day is progressing. The students have been manageable. They haven't taken much advantage of the fact that I am not at 100% yet.

The news is slow today. I did notice (from another blog I read) that the porn awards were handed out last night. I will have to check that out when I get home this evening. Tammy and I don't watch any porn, but that isn't to condemn anyone that does. Whatever floats your boat, I say.

Students are coming in, so it is time to roll out of here.

Catch ya later.

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