Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blowing a 'day is almost over' sigh

It has been a long day.

I had people from the state in here this morning and most of the day. We are trying to clear out some old, no longer used, equipment. The State Guy (what a prestigious title ! ... "I am THE STATE GUY.") was here to look at what we had and meet the manufacturers rep to determine how usable the equipment is. My class (to give me free time to work with these guys) was in the Automotive shop with some work from me.

Well, there was a conversation that lead to glaring, which lead to words, which lead to one of my students punch/shoving a kid over two tables and a desk. OUCH ! My prize football player/student is in PASS for the rest of the day. I brought the rest of the class back to class with me to move some of the equipment and study for the test that is to be given tomorrow.

Then, my 3rd block was in Automotive while I worked with the Man. Rep. Fortunately, there were no more incidents.

Still, it has been a busy day. It is past time for me to be at home and I am still here waiting for info to download that I may be able to use to teach with some of the hi-tech equipment that will remain. My students want to experiment with it. I told them we weren't experimenting with equipment that cost more than I make in a year until I was trained on it. (Insert look of disappointment on their faces.)

The Rep (Herb) was able to give me some great ideas about where to find training and how to go about getting so practical hands-on experience with this stuff. Thanks, Herb.

I am ready to bolt for the door before anything else happens.

I am taking work home with me. I have to write a test for these guys.

Fun, fun, fun.
We will leave my iceberg tip of yesterday resting in the water for this afternoon. We will revisit it later.

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