Thursday, January 19, 2006

Clawing my way thru the week

It is been a busy odd week.

Monday: No school (MLKing day)
Tuesday: Regular classes for the most part. Students worked independently on handouts.
Wednesday: No Students (Snow) We went to Carrollton for awards presentations. We had lots of snow. There were 1 to 3 inches depending on where you were located.
Thursday: interrupted day. The HS had AA, which throws off the schedule of the rest of the morning. Students worked on handouts. The late afternoon had a tour coming through.
Friday: Will be a half day in school for me. Then I will be in Lexington for a SkillsUSA conference.
It has been a week without regular parameters. That is difficult on me and even moreso on students.

Next week will be a 'whip it back into shape' Week.
I am heading home. y'all have fun.

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