Thursday, January 05, 2006

Have I mentioned today how much I love my Honey ?


You cannot be my ‘enough’

If you are just my enough,

What are you on those days when you are less,

And those days do happen.

What do I do when you are less and I need ‘enough’

Do I find it elsewhere ?

No, you are my ‘more’

You are the desire

That lingers behind

After the kiss

You are the want

That can only be appeased

But never be quenched

You are the memory of a touch

That lives in a thousand thousand crevices

Of my heart

You are the melody

That never leaves my lips

You are the warmth

That goes with me

When I leave our bed

You are all this and ‘more’

You are more

Than I can describe

You are more

Than I can dream

You are more

Than I can want

You are all that I can hold

And more

You are the waves

That will continually

Gently caress my shores

You are the light

That never dims

Even when out of my sight

You are more than I can want

And I want more

You are …

And I want you;

Ronald Simpson, Jr.

January 3, 2006

1 comment:

TammyJ said...

You don't have to mention it... you show it every day..Not to say that I ever want you to stop writing such beautiful words for me..