Monday, January 23, 2006

The week begins

The alarm clock ought to have a screeching tires sound just for Monday mornings, as the weekend comes to a screeching halt with that waking alert.

The weekend was kinda full for part of it and slow for part of it.

Friday, I left the school at lunch and went to a SkillsUSA event in Lexington. There were classes and competitions. I met other Skills Advisors and many students involved in the program. It was a great event, with didn't end until late Friday evening, with a little karaoke and a dance. (Little karaoke and very little dance.) We were back there Saturday morning for the competitions, and awards ceremonies. Tammy went with me, in spite of her day. Her day can be read about at .

Her son was arrested for a violation of his bond issue. We worked all weekend to find out what the violation was. No one was able to tell us. Pre-trial had no idea. The judge that issued the warrant wasn't available.

I went to visit him in jail on Sunday. A person can visit for approximately 20 minutes twice a week. Tammy, Sierra, and Becca went with me. (I actually went with them, but since I was driving ... You know?)

Today, Tammy found out what the violation was. Chris was seen at a certain address. That address was ours. The bond states that he is allowed to be at work or at home. They revoked his bond and arrested him for being where he was supposed to be. Chris got in trouble for doing exactly what he was supposed to do. Tammy (madder than a wet hen) is on a mission today to right this wrong. God help anyone that gets in her way.
Hopefully, he will be home and back to work tonight.
We will keep ya informed.

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