Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something I finished

Time Trader

Suppose the time trader came to say,
You have a day, for which I am willing to pay,
Money is no object in this trade we make,
The only question is, which day I choose to take;
A tempting offer it seems at first glance,
To lose a day of misery, a wonderful chance,
To forget a hurting deed, or word wrongfully spoken,
To lose a heartache, or misplace a promise broken;
So many days I could really do without,
Glad they were finally gone, no doubt,
Finally, I thought of the chance I would be taking,
For the choice was his in this deal we were making;

Which sunrise would I cast into the abyss?
Which sunset, barely made, would I miss;
Which day, good or bad, that made me,
Would I be willing to lose in life’s vast sea?

Every day on both sides of this crooked fence
Makes me who I am, past, present, and future tense,

The mountains make me appreciate the hills,
A plethora of won’t makes me value the wills,
Rain clouds help me treasure days of sunshine,
Blankets of snow feed the flowers of springtime,

I could leave behind the pain of losing a friend,
However, the lessons garnered would fly on the same wind,
To know the merit of expressing the heart rhyme,
To show love’s true colors while there is still time,

How many dark clouds would I cheerfully lose
Without knowing the far reaching wake,
How many ripples would be lost,
By the simplest stone not tossed into life’s lake?

So, time trader, I regret to tell you
I cannot even consider the cost of your deal
For the sake of grievous wounds and well earned scars
This is all of my life, with no days available to steal

I am the more than summation of my years
More than the entirety of my routine
I am the full product of every one of my days
And thousand more yet to glean

Ronald Simpson, Jr.
January 16, 2006

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