Sunday, July 31, 2005

The weekend crawls to a close ...

The fury begins in the morning.

I have a week long, 3 college credit hour, class beginning tomorrow morning. The week will be filled with lessons, assignments, and activities. It is closer than the rest of my classes. It is in Frankfort, a mere 25 miles away. Originally I had thought to drive back and forth, but other teachers convinced me that staying near the place of the class was a better idea. Many things happen after class and staying at the Holiday Inn just in front of the class location makes it easier to join in.

So, Tammy, the kids, and I will be staying in Frankfort. Tammy will be coming to Lexington to run her errands. She is going to cook supper here and bring it to me a few of the nights.

The week following the class, I will have students.

The fun is here.

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