Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Repeating my mantra

"I love my job .. I love my job .. I love my job .. I love.." Wait a minute, I DO love my job. I love teaching.

I am steeped in paperwork. This is not my favorite thing. It might not be as bad as it is if I completely understood what I was doing. This is unfamiliar territory for me. I am not used to be lost. I am used to knowing what I am doing, knowing what is expected, and accomplishing my goal using that knowledge. This paperwork (which I readily agree needs to be done) is far reaching. It is part of my Program Assessment. It is how the state will determine I am doing my job.

I have been working through other areas of information I was still vague in as well. I found out what the educational expectations were for me this year, the 'official' year of my internship. I have to take a week long class (for which I am scheduled August 1) and a 2 day follow up of that class later in the year. That is it for year one.

I will also be taking a code update class in the evening in August (24 &25) for my 6 hours of State required Continuing Education to maintain my Master Electricians License.

The OSHA class I took (15 hours), the Students with disabilities training I took (6 hours), and the Program Assessment class, all in June (6 hours) all went to last years Professional Update requirements by the State (25 hours per year). The class I just took in Murray accounts for this years PD (40 hours worth).

I, also, found out today, the 2 classes I need to take to complete my Associates Degree in Applied Technology. They are offered in Louisville, beginning August 23rd. They will last for 12 weeks and include 48 hours.
Looks like a busy few months to begin the school year.

"I love my job .. I love my job .. I love my job."

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