Friday, July 29, 2005

Thief & Liar

A thief and liar came into my house, smiling as he passed.
He made small talk and showed his friendly ways.
He slipped into the fabric of the family.
He ate with us and laughed at our jokes.
He seemed to fit right in.
But, underneath his warm and friendly smile,
lay the heart of the thief.
The lie that lived within him tainted his every word.
It permeated his deeds.
He came to steal a precious jewel.

I wasn't there when the jewel of her virtue was born.
In time, it was entrusted into my care.
I guarded it jealously.
It was mine to shelter with might and knowledge.
When the jewel beckoned him, he did not turn as he should.
He courted the jewel in the shadows.
He did not bring his desire to the light, for he knew it was unjust.
Instead, he skulked in the hallways and side rooms.
He whispered his thievery in hushed tones, admitting his guilt.
He tried his desires and convicted them by his actions.

Once the theft was complete, and the virtue was taken,
he did not bring his treachery to the light.
He chose to perpetuate his guilt with yet another lie.
Every word he spoke without admitting the truth,
became a part of the preponderance of the lie.
The thief and liar called the same house 'home'.
His house was decorated with smiles and warmth.

Now, exposed, he supposes that his deed is vanished.
He cannot ever replace the virtue that was lost.
He can never erase the betrayal of trust.
He can never change his smile from the place of a lie.

How can he atone ?
If he lives a lifetime and never lies again,
that lie still exists.
If he dies a withered old man,
his theft is still part of his house.
He says he is not sorry it happened.
If his conscience is clear,
there is nothing to prevent him from stealing and lying again.

He seeks to smooth the crime,
by saying he has decided not to commit it again.
What assurance is this ?
What prevents him from changing his mind ?
What stops him from lying or stealing again ?

Save my vigilance.

He will not smile in my house.
He will never know the feeling of comfort,
for I will ever be on my guard.
He has injured my spirit.
He has made me less trusting.
He has created this wound.
He has created this world.
God help him live in it.

Ron Simpson, Jr.
July 29, 2005

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