Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Toomoome" update

Tammy claims that she was dreaming.

Earlier that day, while cleaning the pig sty (a completely different story) upstairs, she threw away a road construction sign that was there. She set it out on the curb with other junk to be taken by the trashmen.

She was dreaming that the wind was blowing and the sign (which was actually orange) was flapping in the wind. In her dream, she was trying to get someone to grab the sign before the wind caught it.

About that time, I asked her to move ... and the flashing yellow 'toomoome' sign was born.

This morning, we ran errands, trying to accomplish things before next weeks trip to Frankfort. Kyle and I planned and postponed a squirt gun fight. We missed a wedding, and visited a new born and family in the hospital. Congrats Karen and Mike. Kaden Michael is a doll.

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