Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good weekend .. So far

Friday night was fun. We went to Todds to karaoke. We sang a couple songs and Tammy had a few drinks. I stuck with my usual water. Russ came into town. It was good to see him. I told the kids we would be back home early (before midnight). And we were.

Saturday was a busy day. We had a group picnic with some friends at Masterson Station Park. We rented a shelter in the back. When they said the shelter was in the back, they meant it was in the back. It was past the Lexington Lions Bluegrass Fair. It was past the Soccer Association field and tournament. It was past the riding stables. It was way back there in the back. It was a great shelter though. It was in the middle of trees. It was cool because of the abundance of shade.

The food was great. We brought burgers and dogs and NUKE dip. It was an adult only picnic. That was a good thing as well.

The eventual water gun/water balloon battle was much fun. There were wet bodies in every direction.

Saturday evening, Russ came over for supper. He is heading back to Owensboro today (Sunday). He has to be
at work at 2 today to fix a server crash.

So far, today has been good. Lazy, but good. Haven't even managed to put on pants yet, lol.

We will see how far this can go ...

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