Thursday, July 21, 2005

Great day

Ever have one of those days ?

Ever wonder what the heck the person that asks such a question thinks one of those days consists of ?

Sit back for a minute while I finish my egg drop soup and Sesame Chicken (extra hot) and spin ya a tale of a few minutes that might live in infamy ( for a few days anyway). Russ, there is a Great Wall in Evansville, IN, just 25 miles away.

So, my day was going good. Tammy came to work with me. That always perks up the day. (keep thinking with the right head, Russ.) I was working on more Program Assessment work and Tammy was working on the novel, The Dollmaker. I parked out back this morning because Steve, the janitor/maintenance guy, was stripping the floors in the hallway and would be blocking the entrance to my room eventually.
Around 10, Joe, the Principal, came in with some work benches for me. We moved my truck on the hill out of the way. After unloading the tables and some bench vises, Joe left his truck behind my shop.

Lunch arrived. Tammy and I were going out for lunch to the Great Wall. Joe was still blocking the path behind me, so I decided to go across the grass field behind the building, inside the fence. About a third of the way across, I got this sinking feeling. Literally. I was stuck. The ground had been worked on and with the recent rains, it was still soft and wet. I called Steve and he and Joe came out to help me out. Joe tied his truck to mine, from a safe dry distance.
As I was getting into my truck to drive it backwards with Joe's assistance, I stretched out to avoid one of the softer spots. About the time my foot got in the truck, my other foot slipped. There was a tearing sound and the crotch of my jeans became ventilated. They were one of my two favorite pairs of jeans. Argh !!

Anyway, Joe pulled me out. I drove out the back way after Steve opened the gate and slung mud for the next 2 miles. We got take out instead of eat in.

Tammy says I won't live this down for a while.

Hey, what are life's little moments for if not to be used for the amusement of our friends.

Well, that is the end of my tale (not a sad one at all .. Humorous even) and the last piece of my chicken. Looks like I will be diving back into work stuff.

Have a great collection of life moments this afternoon and beyond.

I saw this on a website and I think it fits:
I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe

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