Sunday, July 03, 2005

Almost time for my favorite holiday

My favorite holiday is almost here. Independence day is my fave.

I don't care much for Christmas. I feel that we should exhibit the true meaning of Christmas all year long and not only in that highly commercialized time of the year.

Valentines Day is nice. It is good to remember your honey on a special day, but if you don't make her special all year long, one day isn't going to save you.

Thanksgiving Day is cool. I like the idea of being thankful. I like the idea of giving thanks. However, again, I think it is something that we should be doing daily.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day are good. It is always good to remember those that had the greatest impact on your life. I had great parents. That is a rarity now days it seems. Actually, let me retract that. It isn't a rarity to have great parents. I think there are great parents everywhere you turn. It is just the the media focuses on the worst examples of parenting. While we are all watching the news about parents abusing and even killing their children, there are good men and women quietly raising kids all across the country.

Memorial Day is fabulous. It is a good thing to recognize the men and women that have given so much so we could have so much.

Labor Day is great. What can I say, I am a labor kinda guy.

Halloween is just fun. Nothing else to say about that.

Independence Day !

The word itself is a celebration for the tongue to say. We so often take our independence for granted. I have never had my liberties taken. I have never suffered the agonies of tyranny. I was born free. I have lived free. I will, God willing, die free. All the parades in all the cities will not adequately express the joy for independence. It is unfathomable.

We have liberty. We raise hell about our government. We lambash our politicians. However, let another country talk bad about America and watch every true American raise up to her defense. She is filled with mistakes. She is rife with problems. She has her share of issues. She is my country. She isn't always right. She isn't always what I want her to be. She is still my independent country. She is the best that the world has to offer.

She is majestic. She is beautiful. She is regal.

Militants can burn all the flags they want and they still have not singed the garment of independence. You can spit on and curse our symbols and still, we are free. Tomorrow, we, as a nation, some with pride, some in drunken revelry, some in ignorance, will celebrate our independence.

We will commemorate the spirit of the men the drafted and signed that declaration of independence. With one document, forged from the opinions of many, we declared that we will live free. We declared that we will not be ruled in tyranny. We declared that we will be sovereign. Tomorrow we celebrate and reaffirm that commitment.

For all our faults and failures, we are still INDEPENDENT.

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