Friday, March 20, 2009

Trip to the big city

There were plumbing repairs to be done. The local Lowes could not match up the spline pattern of my existing stem. The Lowes in the big city used to have a wire ring that had all the stems on it and one could put their handle on it and know which replacement handle they needed. That would be too easy for the dolt that works the plumbing department here locally. So, this was going to require a trip to the big city. After several stops, I found what I needed.
Driving in the big city is (Sarcasm warning) one of the great joys of living there. This was the scene at 1:30 PM driving around the circle road the goes around the big city. It used to be the outside circle, but the city has grown. The new outside circle is about three miles further out now. See the traffic coming to the light. It was a solid line of cars. At 1:30 in the afternoon ?!?!?
I took care of my business and got out of town. Driving closer to home looked more like this:
And this:

Life is good in the country !


Mrs Parks said...


Retro Girl said...

I am probably the only person on earth who finds photos of "Circle" Road comforting!! lol. *SIGH* I'd give ANYthing to be sitting in traffic on that Road...or Nich. Road anyday!! :-)

There are so many little things like that, that I took for granted...and really miss.


Giving you a blog award on my blog...come see, later!

Chasity said...

So you got your plumbing problem under you need to come fix mine since I cant get my landlord to do