Wednesday, March 04, 2009

creeping in

Illness has crept in ..

I woke last night around 1:30 with a sense of urgency. Since then there have been over a dozen trips of urgency. Sitting here now, my stomach is growling at me to make sure I remember it is there. Trust me. I know it is there.

In other news, I have an update on the drama issues of the other day.

According to "N" he returned to his base in Maryland and got permission to return here to help "S" move, which was great. She needed the help. He said his Dad bought him an airline ticket and he flew back. He was to return on Monday.

Monday comes, no return.

Tuesday comes, no return.

Tuesday, I call the base in Maryland. It seems "N" has been released from their base and is now attached to his new unit. He was supposed to have flown to his new assignment on February 23rd. As he did not do so, he has been considered AWOL since then. So, here I was on the 24th of February defending him, while he was lying to us all.

I called "S" to relay a message to him that he was AWOL (like he didn't know.) He denied it. "S" called the base in Maryland, put her phone on speaker, and the sergeant there confirmed it. "N" says that the Army is lying. WOW, what a great defense. During your court martial, you can whip out such stellar defense tactics as, "The Army is lying."

The Lt. I spoke to told me he was AWOL. The Sergeant told me he was AWOL. The Sergeant also told me he would not be considered a deserter until he was AWOL for 30 days. At that point, the Army would come find him. Find him, Heck, I told them exactly where he was. There is no way we are going to be considered aiding or abetting.

I called his dad. He was not surprised. He told us that he did not buy a plane ticket for "N". "N" never left Lexington any of the times he was supposed to do so, or claimed to do so. At one point he called collect, claiming to be at the Baltimore Airport, but the caller ID said he called from a payphone in Lexington KY. Of course, you guessed it, my caller ID was lying.

Ah, drama, drama, drama.

And me with a return to the bathroom. Urgent business, you know.


Granny on the Web said...

If folk only learnt that you can't help if they tell you lies.
The old saying 'honesty is the best policy' is the mantra here. Tell me it true and I will help you.

Hope it is soon sorted, ( and the bathroom trips too) Something you ate?

Love Granny

Retro Girl said...

Is this really Ron? Are you sure Blogger isn't just lying? lol

I can't believe someone would have the GUTS to go AWOL and Lie TO THE ARMY!! It's not like the Army will look for a day or two and then give up. Or give you any slack...I'd be afraid...very afraid!! I don't blame you one bit for telling them what you know. How dare this fella put your family in jeopardy in any way, by even Loosely involving you?!! Geez!!

Willow Tree said...

N must have special tailor made pants because WHOAmygoodness it takes Something to go AWOL from the Army. Um, yeah, they're gonna find N. And introduce him to reality in a very ugly way. It's the Army for crying out loud. Just Sayin.

But I'm sad for S, especially because I just read about her good news! Praying!

Blessings, Carolynn