Thursday, March 26, 2009

Head out the window

There has been an irritating cat hanging out on our porch teasing our boxer. Dusty (boxer) wants it so badly. He whines and barks. He runs from window to door to window on the other side and back again.

A couple nights ago, Dusty is bark bark barking. I ask Kyle why he is barking. It is that cat. I told kyle to get the cat off the porch. He takes the broom and chases it away. About 20 minutes later, more barking. It is the cat. I tell Kyle to take the sword this time. He refuses. He chases the cat away again. Later, we hear what sounds like someone knocking on our front door. We wonder why Dusty isn't barking to alert us. Well, it is our neighbor, and it appears Dusty is barking, just somewhere else, as he has busted out the window and gone after the cat. I told Kyle he should have run the cat through when I told him too.

We retrieve Dusty with the help of the neighbors. Chella cleans up the glass. I get one of the baby gates to put across the window so the cat cant get in. Dusty gets locked in the kennel for the night to keep from going out the window again. Fortunately, we live in a small town where it is okay to have a window busted out and all your belongings aren't looted in the night.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the rest of the window, measured the size, and order the glass from a local lumber yard. I picked up the glass and put it in the window. I glazed about half of it yesterday and will finish the glazing today. I cant find my putty knife, so I used a spoon instead. This slowed down the glazing a bit. I will pick up a putty knife today while I am out and about.

I am just trying to figure out if this goofy purebred boxer is worth the $25 he just cost me.


Gill said...

oh dear!! Is it ok to laugh? hehe. The whole vision of this makes me giggle!! Bless you and your boxer!! LOL. At least you have a shiny new window!!

Chasity said...

Maybe its a boxer thing because for the last 2 nights Sampson has been going crazy because there is a cat outside. Being the big muscle that he is he just about knocked me down trying to get out when the door was open. Not that it matters anyway because you love Dusty to much to worry about it.

Debbie said...

He went right through the glass? How are you going to keep him from doing that again?