Thursday, March 19, 2009

She used to love her enemy.

Almost 3 years ago now, when we were house hunting, TJ fell in love with this house. She loved so many things about it. It immediately felt like home. One of the things she loved was the bedrooms upstairs. Seventeen steps separated the general living area from the private living areas. Seventeen wonderful steps kept our private lives private from visitors.

Move to today:

Two back surgeries later and now she hates those formerly wonderful seventeen steps. She still loves the house. She still loves the separation. She still loves the privacy. She hates the seventeen steps. I tell her she has an alarm to alert me whenever she is about to come into the sitting room. It is a grunt or a sound of finally making it to the top of those seventeen steps.

It is worse now that she is confined more so to the bedroom than any other room in the house. The most comfortable chair is in our bedroom. The bed is in our bedroom. There is a TV in our bedroom. She has books in there. She has crocheting materials in there. Her heating pad is in there.

Yesterday, I bought a mini-fridge for the bedroom. Now, she has cold ‘pop’ in the bedroom. She has cheese dip in the bedroom. She can keep more on the things she needs to travel up and down the steps in the bedroom now.

Venom commented that the before posted poem should ‘get me some’ for sure. I am thinking the mini-fridge goes a lot farther in that. You know, less back pains for both of us.

Of course, now it appears that our waterbed heater has stopped working. “CUDDLING ALERT”

See y’all later.


Venom said...

Being a waterbed devotee since the 80's, I feel your pain. I know from experience that, until you get a new heater, sleeping will not be warm - even 3 extra quilts between us and the bag didn't help. Yikes. Now we have two heaters, just in case. Ummm, toasty.

ps. I still think you should get some kinda sugar outta that sweet poem.

Gill said...

oh bless you for loving for TJ so much I feel for her..i am THE biggest WIMP when it comes to my back hurting so she really does have my every when does she get a PC for the bedroom??? :D

Ron said...

lol, Gill

if by PC you mean Personal Computer .. she has her laptop (Christmas present) in the bedroom ..

She says that all she needs now is a coffee maker in there and she is set